Troop 36 operates using the patrol method of scouting. The Troop uses the three levels for youth (New Scout, Experienced Scout, and Venture Scout) patrols and has an Adult Scouter patrol. Each youth patrol generally consists of five to eight scouts which work together under the direction of the patrol leader during campouts, meetings or other activities.

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New Scout Patrol

The New Scout Patrol is formed when several Webelos or other boys join the Troop in numbers sufficient to form a Patrol. Scouts usually are in this patrol for 6-9 months while they learn how a Patrol and the Troop operates and they work on Trail to First Class requirements. New Scouts are moved into an Experienced Scout Patrol after this time and they have done some advancement.

Wolverine Flag Wolverine Patrol  
Members: Joe, Austin, Jacob, Jeremiah, Trevor, Nick, Zak, Curtis & Ryan
Our Patrol works together on the Trail to First Class along with Merit Badges.

Experienced Scout Patrols

The Troop has four Experienced Scout Patrols which have a range of ages and ranks. Scouts are moved into one of these Patrols for them to continue their scouting experience and advancement.

Bear Flag Bear Patrol  
Members: Charlie, Alex, Adam, Brian, Kevin & Ian

Chief Flag Chief Patrol  
Members: Adam, Jason, Tony & Bradley

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Thunderbolt Flag Thunderbolt Patrol  
Members: Aaron, Chris, Brett, Kevin, Robert & Dustin

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Titan Flag Titan Patrol  
Members: Bryton, Taylor, Chase, Devin & Doug

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Venture Scout Patrol

This Patrol's membership is based on minimum age and rank requirements. Its purpose is to offer additional opportunities within the Troop for the older Scouts.

Venture Flag Venture Patrol  

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Adult Scouter Patrol

This Patrol is available for all adults in the Troop. Although it does not follow a maximum for the number of members, it operates as a model patrol and is an example for the youth patrols.

Dino Flag Dinosaur Patrol  
Members: Uniformed Adult members of the Troop who have tent camped with us at least one night.

Membership in the Dinosaur Patrol is open to Adult members of the Troop that enjoy camping with the boys. It operates as a "textbook" Patrol to provide a good example for the Youth of the Troop. It's culinary skills are legendary and the company is always enjoyable.

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