As chartered by the Congress of the United States, the Boy Scouts of America is a movement dedicated to supplementing and enlarging the education of youth. The merit badge program, which provides opportunities for youth to explore more than 100 fields of skill and knowledge, plays a key role in the fulfillment of this educational commitment.

A vital part of the BSA's advancement plan, the merit badge program is one of Scouting's basic character-building tools. Instruction is offered in everything from animal science and public speaking to swimming and communications, providing a young man with invaluable career, physical, and interpersonal skills.
 Unit DetailsEagle ScoutsMerit Badge Counselors
 Merit Badge Counselor
 Astronomy Michael Resch
 Atomic Energy Scott Amthor
 Auto Mechanics David Bruner
Michael Wuerfele
 Aviation Scott Amthor
David Hilsabeck
 Camping Jim Bogatz
David Bruner
 Canoeing Scott Amthor
 Cinematography Michael Resch
 Citizenship in the Community David Hilsabeck
Michael Wuerfele
 Citizenship in the Nation David Hilsabeck
Michael Wuerfele
 Citizenship in the World David Hilsabeck
Michael Wuerfele
 Coin Collecting Scott Amthor
Jim Bogatz
 Communications David Hilsabeck
 Computers David Bruner
William Lang
Michael Resch
 Cooking Robert SoWel
 Cycling Robert SoWel
 Disabilities Awareness Cindy Howden
 Dog Care Michael Wuerfele
 Electricity Scott Amthor
David Bruner
 Electronics David Bruner
 Emergency Preparedness Robert SoWel
 Energy Scott Amthor
 Engineering Michael Resch
 Family Life Bill Hughes
 Farm Mechanics David Hilsabeck
 First Aid Bill Hughes
William Lang
 Fish and Wildlife Management Michael Wuerfele
 Gardening Robert SoWel
Michael Wuerfele
 Golf Jim Bogatz
 Hiking David Bruner
 Home Repairs William Lang
Michael Wuerfele
 Lifesaving Robert SoWel
 Metalwork Doug Hodgin
 Motorboating William Lang
 Orienteering David Bruner
 Personal Fitness Bill Hughes
 Personal Management Jim Bogatz
 Pets Michael Wuerfele
 Pioneering Robert SoWel
 Railroading Bob Lowe
 Rifle Shooting David Hilsabeck
Doug Hodgin
 Safety Robert SoWel
 Shotgun Shooting David Hilsabeck
Dean Rasmussen
 Space Exploration Michael Resch
 Sports Jim Bogatz
 Swimming Kyle Goerl
 Water Skiing William Lang
 Weather Scott Amthor
 Woodwork Michael Wuerfele

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